About Us

About Energy Assessor Magazine 

Energy Assessor Magazine is an independent online publication designed to provide news and information for energy assessors. 

All assessors, whether aircon, domestic or commercial, are working in a challenging environment, facing continual problems with government indecision, non-existent enforcement of legal requirements, changing legal, administrative and technological demands on them and strong competition 

In these circumstances, it is essential to have up-to-date, objective and reliable information to face the challenges of the future. We don’t claim to have all the answers – but we will be asking the questions that assessors want answered, and giving them the information they need to plan for the future and build their businesses. 

About the Editor 

Energy Assessor Magazine Editor Tom Harrington is a DEA and NDEA and the Managing Director of EPC Online, a national EPC provider. Tom is new to the magazine, taking over in May 2017 and has plans to modernise the website, encourage conversation at the same time as bringing great news content.

He has a passion for improving the energy efficiency of buildings and understands the implications of ‘doing nothing’. He likes to share his knowledge with building owners and occupiers in the hope to reduce the demand of energy in the UK and hopes to use the magazine to share his top tips with others in the industry.

EAM Editorial Policy

Energy Assessor Magazine operates within UK law, and on principles of openness and fairness to anyone concerned in any article published in the magazine. We are always interested in receiving information by mail or email, but we reserve the right to edit or exclude material sent to us. We can only accept information from informants who supply us by mail or email with their full name and address and contact details. The informant’s name and home area (not usually the full address) will be published in any resulting article, unless anonymity has been requested and agreed by us.

Use of logos: Any third party logo which appears in this publication is used only to identify the organisation concerned and for the purpose of critical commentary.  Its use does not imply the approval or agreement of that organisation to the article or to the use of its logo.  Our use has no commercial intent and we believe it complies with the ‘fair use’ requirements of UK copyright law.

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