‘EPC Ratings’ Plunge into Danger Zone


14 March 2017

A property software company has issued an urgent MEES warning after a ‘re-simulation’ exercise on thousands of  commercial buildings registered on its system showed a third dropping into the 2018 danger zone of F and G ratings.

Research carried out by Arbnco, previously CO2 Estates, found that a third of the commercial real estate with EPCs rated D and E on its system dropped into the ‘at risk’ categories of F and G upon re-simulation.

In total almost a quarter of the 3,500 commercial buildings on its Carbon Estates platform achieved a lower EPC rating upon re-simulation.  All the properties were said to be from portfolios of well-managed building stock, with EPCs produced within the last five years.

The company said the EPCs produced by energy assessors on earlier versions of iSBEM were modelled on their system, and ratings were re-simulated into the latest iSBEM version, 5.3a, to produce the new ratings.

The re-simulation found that 24% of all buildings in the portfolios achieved a lower rating, with buildings falling into the F & G band rating increased from 14% to 22% and 33% of all D and E ratings dropped to an F or G.

They added that their re-simulation research will serve as a stark warning to the industry, with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) legislation coming into force in April 2018.

Simon West, co-founder of Arbnco said: “With MEES just over a year away, landlords, property managers and their advisors need to be acting now to ensure buildings do not pose a risk.

“Our analysis was conducted on well-managed building stock, so there is potential to observe a greater percentage drop in EPC ratings in poorer performing portfolios.

“Not everyone involved in the management of a building has a background in engineering, but the impacts of poor energy performance and forthcoming MEES legislation will affect all, and informed decisions need to be made.”

To facilitate decision making the company has scheduled next month for the launch of its Arbn Consult software platform to the consultant and EPC assessor market.  It said the software produces bespoke, fully costed retrofit packages for delivering improvements in energy performance in commercial property.

“The software provides the ability to quickly and accurately assess the EPC rating improvements required to ensure a property meets MEES regulatory compliance,” said the company.

There is no information available prior to the launch of how this software will be available or what cost may be involved.

Founded in 2009 as CO2 Estates, Arbnco claims to be one of the leading software providers to the UK real estate market, enabling some of the world’s largest property investors to make better and quicker decisions regarding the energy performance and regulatory compliance of commercial property.

The Arbnco research report can be downloaded from http://tinyurl.com/EPC-resimulation

Details of the Carbon Estates software can be found at http://www.co2estates.com/software/