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I am interested to see if you have any more news on

I have been in discussions with mike cox only via email as he will not call for several days now and am getting no-where other than threats of legal proceedings.

I have proof that i attempted to make payment but it was blocked by the financial institution. He believes this is fictitious and wants me to email him the screenshot which at present I am not prepared to do.

As the latest threat emailed to me mentions you I am as a courtesy copying you in.  I’m sure, like me, you find these threats amusing.

From First Choice EPC


Thank you for your email earlier today and the feedback posted on the energy assessor forum. You will be interested to learn that the content of your post is largely factually incorrect. The original post by Terry Wardle is also factually incorrect and his fate awaits him in the coming days.

Your comments will be passed to Mr Whatcott for him to decide whatever course of action he deems appropriate.

In closing, i would like you to consider how you would feel if somebody posted factually incorrect information about you or members of your family on the internet only for those very same comments to be embellished and blown out of control by other hell bent on manipulating the truth. Furthermore, how would you then feel if those same members of your family were harassed and bullied because of personal information that had been leaked about them. I really think you should have given more thought to your intended course of action before putting yourself forward as the peoples champion.

First Choice EPC

I have just received an email (at 12.40am) telling me that ‘court proceedings have now commenced’ This is because I tried to pay the booking fee but the Barclaycard paying in website was unavailable, therefore the payment was late.
Since August they have sent over 20 emails demanding I pay the ‘outstanding booking fee’ I’ve replied and sent proof of the payment from my bank account. They are now demanding I pay£449.95! I can’t speak to anyone,( the recorded message just says to send an email) I don’t know what to do! PLEASE HELP!
Citizens Advice sent me to Trading Standards but they have been no help to me now that the address shown is now in Spain.  How does this conman keep operating!

I note with interest your article on FirstChoice EPC on the 26th September
and I am being “threatened” by them for a non-payment when all along I have
offered to pay but can’t because they have added extra fees.  Can you
recommend who I should complain/raise this issue to please?

I was looking to arrange an Energy Performance Certificate as i was in the process of renting out my flat. On Google, i came across this company First Choice EPC, offering low cost EPCs.  I went through their quotation system and consequently placed an order (you give basic details, there are no upfront fees, they promise to call you to arrange the actual assessment). And from here on the nightmare started.  I have never heard anything from them apart from extortionate demands for cancellation fees, now getting close to GBP 500, with additional threats of debt collectors.
The sales process is bad enough – try it, it is not what you would consider a clear website (i decided to try it as i wanted to speak to someone and presumed these guys acted as introducers only!). Have a read of their T&Cs – they are ridiculous (see the 4th bullet on wanting to charge GBP 10,000 if you leave incorrect feedback on them!!). The service is even worse (there is no physical address, a PO Box in Spain, a phone line that is never answered and an email address that sends you auto-replies telling you to seek legal advice). Their chasing email and threats are even worse.
Having spoken to Citizens Advice and their Consumer Advice Line (who tell me they are not sure they are responsible if his company is really in Spain) – it seems no one is taking this scam seriously and they can continuously reinvent themselves to set up new companies all doing the same thing over and over again.
Given there will be thousands of people looking for EPCs to rent out or sell their homes and these guys work the google index well (they are easily findable, they index very well on google), this is a company that will make millions by threatening consumers and working off the fear they generate.

I have copies of the email trail showing First Choice EPC’s escalating charges for an alleged cancellation. It would seem there is more money to be made from this tactic than actually doing energy assessments. The question is how many people have paid the inflated fees or been taken to court ? Clearly operating just within the law but very very well advised.

I made an application on 24Sept 2014 for EPC Certificate from First Choice EPC and they took £39.95 from  my account.  They have failed to contact me so far (email received 1 October 2014) and I have been unable to contact them at all. How do I make a complaint and get my money back?

On Saturday 13 September 2014 at about 5.30pm, I made an online enquiry with First Choice EPC about the possibility of getting an EPC on the property of a relative.  Within half an hour, I was having second thoughts about the company and emailed them to say that I was no longer interested in having the EPC done and could they please disregard my enquiry.  I did not hear back from them and thought no more of it until Monday 15 September when I received an email from Michael Cox (First Choice EPC) asking for £14.95 cancellation fee within 5 days or court action would be taken against me.  I contacted Which Legal, Trading Standards and Action Fraud to report the company and they all reassured me that First Choice/Michael Cox could not act in this manner.  I blocked his emails as I was receiving them on a daily basis but today (1 October 2014) I have received an email from them telling me that they are going to instruct bailiffs to come after me as I now owe them £495!