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Revamping the Green Deal

16 March 2017

Policy Exchange  Full story at

The Green Deal was launched in 2013 as the Government’s flagship energy efficiency programme, with an aim to deliver energy efficiency improvements to “millions of households and businesses”, in order to tackle both greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs. Lord Barker, the scheme’s architect, once described it as “the biggest home-improvement programme since the Second World War.”

Tivium escapes prosecution after Green Deal payback agreed

10 March 2017

BBC News  Full story at

Directors of a firm that failed to provide home improvements in a government energy efficiency scheme will not be prosecuted after agreeing to pay back victims more than £100,000.

Scottish Government’s new fuel poverty strategy

9 March 2017

SHN  Full story at

An independent panel of academic experts is to review the definition of fuel poverty after which a consultation will open on a new long-term Scottish fuel poverty strategy and statutory eradication target.

Former Celtic star gets behind eco boiler firm

4 March 2017

Scottish Sun  Full story at

AIDEN McGeady hopes to cash in on government handouts to homeowners — by fitting boilers.  Ex-Celtic ace McGeady’s Elite EcoTec firm plans to do jobs linked to a domestic energy-saver fund.

Government Energy Policy Fails Rural Landlords

2 March 2017

Residential Landlord  Full story at

The new energy policy from the UK Government is failing older properties in the British countryside by issuing inaccurate information to homeowners.

New fuel poverty figures reveal ‘patchwork of progress’ by Scotland’s councils

1 March 2017

Scottish Housing News  Full story at

Newly published fuel poverty figures for Scotland’s local authorities highlight the scale of the problem which many households face to keep themselves and their families warm at home, according to national fuel poverty charity Energy Action Scotland.

Green Building Council Report

1 March 2017

BMJ  Full story at

According to the Green Building Council’s report – ‘Building Places That Work for Everyone’ four out of five homes that will be occupied in 2050 have already been built. That means 25 million homes need refurbishing to the highest standards by 2050 – at a rate of 1.4 homes every minute.