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28 April 2017

Hi everyone,

Sad to say, this is likely to be the last ‘live’ edition of Energy Assessor Magazine.

As I mentioned last year, I’m retiring after seven years of bringing news to the industry while at the same time working as an energy assessor, and despite my efforts since then, I have not found anyone to succeed me at the magazine.  

I have had a good deal of interest in the magazine, but in the end none of it has come to anything.  That’s partly because I clearly specified that I would only sell to someone willing and able to continue to run the magazine as a news publication, which discounted bidders who might have had other ideas about what to do with the website’s established name and the email list of thousands of assessors which has built up over the years.

However I have had some serious interest in the magazine from the publishing industry, but sadly publishers are looking for larger markets than our industry can now offer, which meant that interest finally came to nothing.  

As we all know, our industry has been badly hit by the failure of Green Deal and the loss of ECO work.  And as you will no doubt have seen for yourself, accreditation bodies have very much moved on to provide services not just for assessors but for surveyors, installers, environmental consultants, inventory clerks, electricians…..the list goes on.

If Energy Assessor Magazine was to continue it would have to face up to these same challenges and broaden its appeal by becoming a publication not just for energy assessors but for energy assessment in its broadest sense and everyone working within it and with it, but that’s a challenge for a larger organisation and none have come forward to take it up.

The site will be up for the foreseeable future, to allow access to all the archived material, and during the next month there will be a final edition consisting of some of the best of what EAM has published over the years. which will be the ‘front page’ content as long as the site is in existence.

The magazine never made a fortune, but your involvement with it made it very worthwhile, and I’m really going to miss it, and you.  But we all have to move on sometime.  

So Goodbye, and good luck to all of us