Green Deal Finance Company relaunches loan scheme

The GDFC has officially started issuing loans again under the new owners led by Killian Pender who states: “We are extremely pleased to announce the relaunch of the Green Deal scheme and Green Deal loans. Since acquiring the business in January, we have received a very significant amount of support from government, energy efficient focused organisations, manufacturers and installer organisations amongst others, all of whom are eager to see the scheme continue where it left off and build further momentum.”

To start with the scheme is limited to a select number of Green Deal Providers (GDPs) and installers whilst it goes through its soft launch phase, but it is expected for other GDPs to be joining the scheme later in the year when in undergoes its full launch and rebranding.

Momentum has started rolling over the past few weeks as green deal plans have been produced and installs have taken place under the new scheme. This is for the first time since the scheme was axed by the government back in July 2015, blaming low take up and concerns about industry standards. The new GDFC will be keen to avoid the same issues arising again as the scheme gets its second chance for success.

Green Deal Assessors looking to get involved in the new scheme do not require any upskilling from when they gained their qualification under the government scheme, with the Green Deal Assessment currently taken the same format as it had previously. However, in an aim to ensure industry standards assessors are now required to complete the assessment through an app, such as E-Tech’s Smart Property Assessment, and can no longer use pen and paper for data collection.

We reported a few weeks back that the GDFC it currently looking to raise £4.2m through the peer-to-peer lending platform Abundance, which is currently 56% funded raising more than £2.3m in just over 4 weeks. It is expected that the funding raised will be to update its infrastructure to help with the full launch later in the year.



  1. Is there any further information about green deal finance loans? There isn’t any new news on GDFC web site.

  2. Won’t be interested in Green Deal work this time around after being ripped off by a con man 3 years ago who disappeared with the funding which was due to the workers involved including me who carried out the surveys !!!
    No help or support from official accredited bodies including GDOR either which was disappointing

  3. Tony – I believe the GDFC is currently revamping their website so I would expect more details available when that goes live. In the meantime probably best to speak to one of the 8 GDPs that are involved with the soft launch.

    Paul – I would agree to have caution. I remember last time lots of new limited companies being created and then disappearing not long after. Like any industry its about picking your partners wisely. A company with a long trading history within energy efficiency is very different to a company that set up shop last week. Your concerns are probably why the GDFC is just launching with 8 GDPs.

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