Energy Assessor Magazine has been taken over by a buyer from within the energy assessment industry in a deal which the new owner says will secure the publication’s future as a news publication for energy assessors.

The publication had been on the market due to the retirement of journalist, commercial assessor and founding editor Terry Wardle (left), but closure of the magazine was announced at the end of last month after professional publishing organisations regarded the energy assessment industry as too small a market.

However the publication has now been taken over by Tom Harrington of website EPC Online. Mr Wardle, who founded the magazine in 2010, said: “I’m delighted that the magazine will continue to serve the energy assessment industry.

“It had become obvious that if a professional publisher had taken over EAM, the energy assessment market would have been subsumed within a much larger publication and it would have been the end of news specifically for energy assessors.

“There will be changes of course. It was always inevitable that the magazine would change, but it will now remain within the industry and I have received assurances from the new publishers that they will continue the title as a news publication for energy assessors, which is what is important.

“I wish the new publishers the best of luck with the title and I hope regular readers will bear with them and support them in the initial period as they find their feet.”

New editor and publisher Mr Harrington (right) is a qualified domestic and non-domestic energy assessor, and has been in the EPC industry for the last four years as the Managing Director of EPC Online, a national EPC provider.

He graduated from Kingston University with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Management in 2011, and with a keen interest in business, he has had various ventures including an Online Estate Agency that was sold in September 2016 to concentrate his efforts on EPC Online.

He readily admits that publishing will be a new departure for him, but one that he is very much looking forward to.

He told EAM: “I’m very excited to be taking over the publication and to continue bringing news content to its readers. Terry has done a fantastic job over the past seven years bringing industry specific news directly to energy assessors and I hope to continue in his footsteps.

“Over the coming months, readers may start to notice some functional changes to the website as we attempt to make it easier to navigate, read and engage on the site. My experience in running a publication or being a journalist is non-existent, however, undeterred I’m confident I can learn quickly so you can continue to get great content and breaking news for the times ahead.

“I hope you will bear with us as we go through these changes and I look forward to bringing you our first news articles very soon.”