The Things They Say


An occasional appreciation of the otherwise unappreciated.

Kelvin MacKenzie

(8/10/11)Former Sun editor and Daily Mail columnist::

‘A friend of mine who has just had solar panels built into his roof says his greatest joy is inviting people round to watch his electricity meter going backwards. Smug sod!’

Karren Brady

(13/9/11)Apprentice star and businesswoman, speaking at the Energy Event on the first – and last – time she travelled on the Birmingham City team coach:

‘I was coming back from the loo and one of the players shouted out, ‘I can see your tits from here’.

I said, ‘Yes, but next week I’m selling you to Crewe, and you won’t see them from there.’

(And she did!)

Charles Hendry

(13/9/11) Junior Energy Minister, Department of Energy and Climate Change

‘The Green Deal can create hundreds of thousands of jobs in this decade.’

(Anyone remember his boss Chris Huhne saying that the insulation industry alone would create 150,000 jobs?That wouldn’t be the same insulation industry that has been collapsing and laying off people left, right and centre, would it?)